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Between The Lines Winery

2022 Effervescent Gewuerztraminer

2022 Effervescent Gewuerztraminer

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Wine type: Effervescent Gewuerztraminer

Variety: 100% Gewuerztraminer

Description: Effervescent ef·fer·ves·cent adjective, a liquid giving off bubbles; fizzy.

A spectacular combination of fruit, bubbles, sweetness and acidity. Aromas of lychee, apricot and peach with soft and fresh bubbles on the palate mellows out the sweetness and makes this wine fun to drink. Keep an eye on our colour-changing Loft Owl to know when this bottle is perfectly chilled.

Pairs With: Brunch! Think cheesy omelettes, smoked salmon scramble or quiche and spiced fruit desserts like apple pie, peach tarts or carrot cake.

Alc/Vol: 9.0%

Residual Sugar: 50 g/L

Cases produced: 300



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